June 14, 2005

I'm Here, But Not All There

This morning I rose at the crack of dawn (not really, but 6:15 is early for me to get out of bed) showered, dressed, put on some makeup to hide the rings under my eyes, and drank a cup of coffee (curses on my husband for addicting me to the vile brew). And then before the children were even awake (except for the one I had to wake up to relieve a little pressure), I drove off to the dentist for my seven o'clock appointment.

Except when I got there the receptionist looked at me funny and asked what my name was. An odd thing to happen in a little dentist's office where everyone usually knows you -- even if this receptionist has only seen me once before. I gave my name and then as she began to tell me that I wasn't on that day's chart, I suddenly realized that I was a week off. They'd called several weeks ago to change my appointment and I'd marked it on the calendar, but somehow I'd managed to jump a week ahead in June, so even though I knew my appointment was June 21 and I'd just been writing June 13 on things yesterday, I was absolutely positive that I knew when I was supposed to be at the dentist.

No, I'm really such an eager beaver that I just wanted to get my teeth cleaned a week early. Not. But due to a cancellation they'd had, they actually had time for me, so I did get it over with and I won't have to wake up early, drag myself out of bed, and repeat the whole process next Tuesday. And the best part is that I didn't have any cavities.

The bad news is that getting up that early has left me in an all day stupor and helped contribute to a wicked migraine that sprang from nowhere leaving me practically ready to remove my head and that is only now getting better with doses of ibuprofen and caffeine.


Well, it all sorta balances out--you might have a headache, but at least you don't have to schlep to the dentist again NEXT Tuesday. Almost a fair swap.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at June 14, 2005 04:56 PM