January 09, 2007

Back to School

We took almost a month off from school after closing on the new house. I don't think I could have concentrated on everything all at once, so it was a welcome break.

The time has come to start again though and fortunately The First Grader has retained what we learned last semester. Yesterday we did a quick review of nouns and all the poems we memorized last fall. We also reviewed math and history. Today we did the same for spelling and science.

And now we're moving on. We've put nouns behind us and moved on to pronouns. We're still doing ancient history and I'm excited that we've reached architecture of ancient Greece making it the perfect time to visit the Parthenon. If my husband doesn't need the car on Friday, I think we may go see Athena in all her golden glory.

We've finished our study of animals and have moved on to the human body. We're starting with the senses. Today I introduced them with an old favorite book. Then we did an experiment to see how sounds act on the ear drum.

Educationally all seems to be going pretty smoothly. I just wish reports on the purple house were so smooth.