August 12, 2008

It's Been a While

The last week has been rather overwhelming.

We've been getting back into school and although we're only in the second week, I haven't once been able to completely follow the schedule I set up. I think that may mean the schedule needs some revisions. Over all school seems to be going well though. We've hit all the main subjects and some of the extras. I did find out that this year our umbrella school, under which we register the kids for their homeschooling, is requiring standardized tests for grades 3 and up. This means my oldest is going to need to learn how to take a standardized test and it means one more thing for me to worry about.

And as for worrying, I've been doing more than my fair share of that, along with crying, and other jags of misery associated with postpartum depression. I'm not particularly inclined to discuss it more than that, but I will say that when a wave of depression hits, it knocks me pretty hard and I don't like it.

Moving on to a happier note, our house is slowly coming together and turning into a house. We spent the last week, when not schooling the kids or crying, unpacking and sorting books and cleaning out the family room which had been mostly a storage warehouse up until now. Not any more -- it is now a room devoted to school, play and other pursuits of that nature.

Eventually, we'll paint it, because I not only don't like its orange walls, but I like them even less with the various white patches where the plaster needed to be repaired. Of course, it also needs some art on the walls, but all those things can come in the distant time known as "some day" because I don't like hanging things on plaster walls much. It always pains me when I hear the plaster keys falling down behind the wall no matter how carefully I drilled pilot holes. So I leave those things for my husband -- if the wall collapses I have someone else to blame.

Until then, what I've learned in the last week is that we have a lot of books; too many books. A surprising number of duplicate books that we've been hauling around for who knows how long have finally been weeded out though and set aside to be removed from the premises.


Sounds like you've been through this before so I don't want to sound too preachy, but do you have a counselor and/or support group for PPD? I don't think I would've made it through my bout if I hadn't had those resources. Just hoping you aren't trying to "soldier through it" or anything like that - it's a medical condition like any other and shouldn't be ignored.

OK, off soapbox. :) Yay for cleaned-up rooms and sorted books! We still need to do both in our house - the shelves are overflowing.

Posted by: Susanna at August 12, 2008 01:08 PM

Yay about the house coming together! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with multiple copies of multiple books. We really need to do a purge as well. The Hillsborough County Library will be the beneficiary!

I'm sorry you are coping with the PPD on top of the rest of it. I know this has been a problem in the past, and I hope you get relief from it soon. And check your email! I sent you an inquiry last night.

Posted by: Bronwyn at August 12, 2008 02:27 PM

I'm praying for you.

Posted by: Lenise at August 12, 2008 06:53 PM

Things can get overwhelming at times. I think many mothers can relate with what you are going through on some level. I know I can.
Hang in there. It will get better.

Posted by: Melissa at August 12, 2008 11:13 PM