June 11, 2009

Hey! Look Over Here!

A badger! Oh and a new blog site too. Come join me.

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June 05, 2009


1. My nine, six and four year old children have been going to a Totus Tuus program all week. Technically it's for rising first graders and up, but for some reason they let the almost five year olds come too. The program is in its second year in Nashville and it is great. The kids have a lot of fun and enjoy learning a lot about their faith from very joyful college students and seminarians.

I admit that I've been some what enjoying the quiet with only the two littlest at home, but I miss the big kids and I hate making lunches every day and trying to shoo everyone out the door so that we can arrive on time. I can manage for a week, but how does anyone do it for a whole school year?

2. It's also been baby week around here. Tuesday morning, I got to meet my new little nephew, and Wednesday evening I got to go back to the hospital and meet the newest son of some dear friends. It's always amazing how tiny these little people are when they first arrive on the outside. Even the relatively big 8+ pounders that these little boys were, look so tiny and fragile. My ten month old is a petite little girl, but seemed like a giant next to a newborn.

3. My dad has also been here visiting this week. When he comes projects get done. Two or so years ago, my mom got us a set of used kitchen cabinets at the Habitat for Humanity store and they've been filling up the garage ever since. Now they are finally hanging on the laundry room walls. Still no countertops or laundry sink, but the cabinets alone are a big improvement.

4. My two year old seems to be very close to being potty trained in re #2 and yet he wets his pants all the time. Isn't #2 supposed to be the harder one? Not that I'm complaining.

5. After throwing the Art of Natural Family Planning at a wall in frustration a few months ago, we signed up for a class which just ended last month. Now we're supposed to turn in charts to the teacher for the next six months. I guess she probably wouldn't believe us if we never ever marked that any, um, relations, occurred, but sharing that level of detail is so not me. Not that we do things like that. Never.

6. And moving right along, the oldest took the Standford Achievement Test a while back. To brag just a little -- he did very well. So well, that we haven't showed him his scores. I know he would like to know, but I don't know whether telling him might go to his head a bit. Opinions? Wisdom? As his mother, though, I was unsurprised that his worst score was in listening. Because if the words "Lego" or "Star Wars" aren't in a sentence, it might just not be too important.

7. I am contemplating moving the ol' blog off of mu.nu. After the last craziness where a post from 2005 was on top for a bit last week, I think it might be time. Would the seven of you, who still come here once in a while follow me off to a new domain or would I really be stuck talking to myself and the voices in my head?

Quick Takes Fridays are, as always, hosted by the lovely Jen.

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