August 25, 2004

Isn't It Supposed To Be Easier With One?

As I've been thinking about The Boy heading off to school, I've been trying to look on the bright side. It occurred to me, for instance, that I can now run almost all my errands with just one child in tow (that is until around November). Unfortunately, that happy thought was quickly followed by the realization that I'll still be running all the errands with the child who makes running errands difficult.

The Girl is a regular Houdini and has been extracting herself from every strap and buckle (except fortunately her carseat) since she was six months old. We regularly have spent meals with her standing in the high chair, because at least she was eating and not climbing onto the table (which of course she also does on a regular basis during meals). She twists her way out of the five-point stroller harness and shopping carts can't hold her -- she frequently will tire of Mommy's shopping games, distractions and snacks, stand up in the moving cart and make a flying leap at me. At least, I know her tricks and know to watch her. If anyone else took her shopping, I fear she'd be taking a flying leap at the floor.

So as you can see, shopping will probably not get any easier just because I only have one kid in tow. In fact, when the baby is born, I think I may just decide not to leave the house unless all the children can stay behind or I can bring adult back-up along with me.