August 26, 2004

This or That

Hardback or Paperback -- but I don't really care
Highlight or Underline -- though usually neither
Lewis or Tolkien
E.B. White or A.A. Milne -- Pooh is wonderful and hilarious, but I'll still take Wilbur and Charlotte.
T.S. Eliot or e.e. cummings -- neither
Stephen King or Dean Koontz -- neither
Barnes & Noble or Borders -- Our Borders doesn't have a Thomas table, which matters a lot to the little set.
Waldenbooks or B. Dalton
Fantasy or Science Fiction
Horror or Suspense -- neither
Bookmark or Dogear
Large Print or Fine Print
Hemingway or Faulkner
Fitzgerald or Steinbeck
Homer or Plato
Geoffrey Chaucer or Edmund Spenser
Pen or Pencil -- super-fine point or fountain, thank you.
Looseleaf or Notepad
Alphabetize: By Author or By Title
Shelve: By Genre/Subject or All Books Together
Dustjacket: Leave it On or Take it Off -- I'd leave them on, but my children destroy them.
Novella or Epic
John Grisham or Scott Turrow -- neither
J.K. Rowling or Lemony Snicket
John Irving or John Updike -- neither
Salman Rushdie or Don Delillo -- neither
Fiction or Non-fiction
Historical Biography or Historical Romance -- I'm a sucker for Regencies.
Reading Pace: A Few Pages per Sitting or Finish at Least a Chapter -- If I don't fall asleep first.
Short Story or Creative Non-fiction Essay
Blah Blah Blah or Yada Yada Yada
“It was a dark and stormy night…” or “Once upon a time…”
Books: Buy or Borrow
Book Reviews or Word of Mouth

picked up from Semicolon via Theosebes


Hey! We match on most of your choices and neithers. (T.S. and e.e. both have some stuff that moves me; it's probably because I was born in the early 50s.)

One word for you about DJs: mylar.

Posted by: Patricia at August 26, 2004 09:37 PM

I'm a sucker for regencies - I KNEW there was somehting I liked about you!!!

Posted by: lisa at September 2, 2004 09:00 AM