September 09, 2004

Toyful, Toyful, We Adore Thursday

Toys. We have a lot of them around the house, but not too many of them were once mine. The Axis of Weevil Commander and Chief desires the following information about those childhood playthings of yesteryear.

1. Do YOU still have any of the toys you had from when you were a child?
My mother's habit of never getting rid of anything means that there are many of my toys still around the parental compound, but down here with me I have but two. And those are two teddy bears that went to college with me and have been everywhere since. I got Murphy and Pooh probably about the same time in my life at around three or four. A family friend bought me Murphy after I became enchanted with him in a store window and Pooh came from a family trip to Disneyland when we lived out in Pasadena. And here they are:


2. What was your very single most favorite toy of all time?
Oddly enough, I doubt it was either of those two bears. I love them, but I don't remember playing with them all the time or anything. In fact, I don't remember any toys being head and shoulders above the rest. I went through phases with assorted dolls, Star Wars figures, and many other things. My husband loved his Legos and GI Joes more than anything, but I don't remember having one toy or kind of toy that was the best thing ever. I probably spent more time reading and drawing than with any on toy.

3. What was the one toy you always craved but never received?
Only one? I always wanted an EZ Bake Oven and a toy sewing machine. I also wanted dolls for my dollhouse and went through a phase where I would have really liked to get a My Little Pony. But all those wishes went unfullfilled and hence I'm depraved on account of how deprived I was as a child. Or not.


WOW! Pictures!

I gotta get a camera.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at September 9, 2004 12:12 PM

You're young enough to have wanted a My Little Pony? Daughter OotFP _lived_ for those things when she was 3 to 6 or 7.

Funny story (to me, at least): My dad died a couple of months before Alys's fifth birthday. (All who think kids don't "really get it" about death, please see me. The first question out of the kid's mouth after being notified of her Papa's death was, "Who will take care of Nana?", Nana having been very ill that summer.)

At Thanksgiving, Mr OotFP's parents came out to see us. Daughter's birthday was a day after. Gramma presented a lovely, handknit sweater with OWLS in it. Grampa shyly gave a Black Hills gold bracelet.

Then, Nana drives up in her pickup. Hobbling from leg bypass surgery and a large, unhealed diabetic ulcer, she still manages to pull something out of the truck and is grinning her face off as she makes her way up the front walk. Mr OotFP intercepts her to take the burden (well, the package, anyway) and a look of shock instantly overtakes his usually unclouded visage.

Nana hobbles into the house, laughing and rubbing her hands together as Daughter OotFP races over to hug her. Mr OotFP struggles past the storm door, over the threshhold with a large box -- too large to wrap -- in his arms. We all move to the periphery of our small "starter home" living room to make way. He is trying not to drop the thing and finally someone steps forward to help him lower the box to the floor.

It is a Pony Palace, complete with Pony Swimming Pool (which is complete with Pony Diving Board). The looks on the adults faces ranged from utter joy (my mother's) to complete bewilderment (my father-in-law's). On Daughter OotFP's face: rapture.

Posted by: Patricia at September 9, 2004 12:43 PM

How old is daughter OotFP? I'm 29.

Posted by: Jordana at September 9, 2004 02:21 PM

Hey, an Easy Bake Oven? Me too!!

Posted by: angie at September 9, 2004 03:14 PM

Heeeeeyyyyyyyy..... Officer Krupke, we're down on our knees, 'cause no one wants a fella with a social disease....

Or was I completely making up your obscure reference to West Side Story?

Posted by: Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady at September 10, 2004 10:20 AM

No, that was an obscure West Side Story reference. :)

A favorite line of mine, for no particular reason.

Posted by: Jordana at September 10, 2004 10:25 AM

Whew! Glad I wasn't hallucinating or something...

Posted by: Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady at September 10, 2004 12:49 PM