September 14, 2004


Yesterday I got a Google hit for the search list of things Democrats tend to be. I took me a long time to get past the extremely partisan and not so nice thoughts, but I want to provide a useful service, so here's my list of this democrats tend to be, in no particular order.

I think that about covers it, but let me know if I've forgotten anything.


Speaking as neither Republican or Democrat (ie, none of anyone's business) here is where I stand on the various issues you have mentioned.

# pro-abortion
I'm neither pro-abortion or anti-choice. I'm somewhere in the middle. I want abortion ended, but I don't think it will end by making it illegal or restricting it to the point of impossiblity. I wouldn't mind seeing some restrictions on non-theraputic abortions, but these would mainly be in terms of information and a requirement to provide information on alternatives.

# pro-tax increase
I'm pro using income tax to make the country as a whole a better place, not only for those who are living now, but for all the future generations. I would gladly increase taxes if it meant a decrease in deaths/severe healthe deterioration due to health causes, if it could eliminate or decrease abortion, if it could lower the poverty rate.

# pro-union Maybe rein them in a bit, but unions have provided protection to workers.

# pro-welfare See above regarding taxes. Poverty effects everyone.

# pro-UN Nope. Get out. Now. The whole free world should abandon the UN. They are idiots. Big idiots. I'm tired of having them here in my country (Israel). I want them out, out, out!

# pro-Castro huh? I don't think so. I don't know anyone, Democratic or Republican, who favors Castro. I mean personally, I know such exist.

# pro-Palestinian No; there are a lot of Democrats who would also say no (Kerry, btw, has always voted pro-Israel btw) There is a segment of the Republican party which is anti-Jewish. Shoot, there are a lot of people who hate Jews or are only nice to us so they can convert us. Anyway, back to me; Palestians? Oh, you mean Arabs who were living in Palestine; they aren't a people.

# anti-gun Again, no. I'm for the assault weapon ban; I really don't think of the assault weapon as a defensive measure homes or to carry around. I do think people should be licensed to carry or own a gun. Sometime this year my dh will probably get training on using a gun.

# anti-military Nope. Pro desert Storm, pro the war in Iraq, I thought we should have gone in earlier.I don't like war; but I think we should try and avoid it when we can but go forward when it is necessary without delay.

So where does that put me?

Posted by: Rachel Ann at September 14, 2004 05:49 AM

Just curious, what would your list for Republicans be?

Posted by: Rachel Ann at September 14, 2004 06:19 AM

Interesting summation - thanks.

It's also interesting how Kerry waffles on the first and last two points, while I'm not so sure how he feels about the middle four. He leaves abortion up to the mother while being "personally" against it. He only wants to raise (or does he say repeal?) taxes for "Bush's rich friends" while proposing trillion+ in new gov't. programs - WITHOUT RAISING TAXES ON THE WORKING MAN(!). Yet he has consistently voted for raising taxes throughout his Senate career.

As a Dem he is naturally anti-NRA and has tried to make a big deal about the recent automatic weapons ban lapse, yet he loves to be pictured firing a rifle and looking all "outdoorsy". You can fill in the spaces on his two-faced military approach.

In the attempt at getting someone to cover a broad base, the Dems put up a candidate who many people have to scratch their head and wonder what he really stands for.

Posted by: MarcV at September 14, 2004 06:35 AM

Rachel, notice that I was responding to the question "tend to be". I wouldn't say anybody necessarily embodied all those things and that was what made them a Democrat.

At this point in the morning, I'd probably say my Republican list would be just the opposite -- but as one can see from when my entry was posted and even now -- I'm having a bad case of pregnancy induced insomnia and brain fog. I may wake up later today to discover that posting this entry at all was a really bad idea.

Posted by: Jordana at September 14, 2004 07:22 AM

First: I had insomnia problems when I as pregnant also; can I give you btdt advice? My midwife told me warm milk and honey and she was quite right. It worked. There is something sleep inducing in milk and I am not sure of the point of the honey but it also helps. If you decide to go herbal just be careful as some herbs can cause a miscarriage; but someone with good knowledge in that area could help you find something that was safe and effective.

Secondly, I don't necessarily think it was a bad idea, it is an interesting discussion; but I think it tends to divide people unnaturally. On some issues, as you can see just using me as an example, well, I'm obviously not right down the line now am I? And I think really that is the way of most people. Maybe I am wrong, but I just think if we had "most democrats" or republicans for that matter, in a room and asked them to vote the issues (rather than a party line) that none of us would be straight down the middle. There are republicans who are pro-choice, and who are against the war. Republican's who like the UN etc. et.And I also think a lot of it depends on numerous qualifiers. It would be interesting to see how other's would decide and under what conditions. I

Posted by: Rachel Ann at September 14, 2004 11:13 AM