September 17, 2004

Yo! Rocky!

I mentioned a while back that I'd never seen any of the Rocky movies and Captain Frank Myers questioned my patriotism. Not wanting to be considered un-American, I surfed on over to my library's website and put a hold on Rocky, so that I could check it out when it came in next.

Other than the fact that since we watched it last night, my husband thinks "Yo Jordana!" is a good way to get my attention and saying, "Eh" should be a perfectly good way to get me to come over and give him a kiss, I actually enjoyed the movie. I can't say that I was really expecting too and so it was a nice surprise.

I was surprised as well by how much Rocky seemed to be not just another sports film, but actually more of an art film. Not a Euro art film about some failed painter with TB trying to complete his masterpiece, but being dragged down by his lover, his alcoholism and finally when he finishes the painting committing suicide -- not that kind -- but still there were the harsh portraits of difficult lives filmed in gorgeous colors with really superb cinematography, more character development than one might expect, lots of foreshadowing, and, of course, instead of the underdog without a chance winning inspite of all odds like most sports films, Rocky doesn't exactly win in the end. He "goes the distance," but he doesn't win the match, although what he wins is worth more than the heavy weight title.

I can't say that I'm going to watch the movie again and again -- nor even that I have a burning desire to see the next four Rocky flicks -- and it sure made me glad I didn't live in the 70s and especially that I didn't live in Philadelphia in the 70s, but I am glad I finally saw Rocky. It was well done and interesting. So thanks to Captain Myers for forcing me to see it.



My favorite line from the whole movie is at the ice rink when Rocky says, "Hey! Are you closed to the general public, or are you closed to everybody?"

Bill Conti's score is perfect for this film. Though the main theme has become somewhat cheesy from overuse since 1976, it still works well within the context of the film.

LittleA - Art/Music Critic

Posted by: LittleA at September 17, 2004 03:41 PM

Jordana!!!! Welcome to America. Consider this your official Captain Frank Green Card. You can convert the green card to full US citizenship by watching:

Citizen Kane

Posted by: Frank Myers at September 18, 2004 10:55 AM

I've seen Casablanca several times -- during my Humphrey Bogart stage (before I fell hard for Cary Grant), and I've thought about checking out Citizen Kane a lot of times, but never done it. I might get around to seeing it and Patton eventually.

Posted by: Jordana at September 18, 2004 08:53 PM

Hey, you would think with all this movie rapport I could a blogroll....

What part of the world does all of this neat stuff happen in?

Posted by: Frank Myers at September 21, 2004 11:04 AM