October 28, 2004

Parent Teacher Conferences

The Boy has been in school since late August and his school starts parent teacher conferences next week. Because of our unique circumstances though, we're having our conference this afternoon. I don't expect to hear that my kid is a bully or anything. I expect to hear that he cries a bit much at unexpected changes -- like when he was allowed to keep playing instead of making bread one time, but I figure that's something that he'll grow out of eventually. He's only four.

Still, I'm nervous about going to talk to his teachers, although interested too. What will I hear about him? What's he like when he's not with us? Other than Bible classes on Sunday and Wednesday, he's done very little that didn't involve his parents before this. I still miss him some mornings when he's at school and I wish I could be the fly on the wall to watch him.

The Boy seems far too little to be in any kind of school and having parent teacher conferences and yet he seems so big too. These kids grow up way too fast.