November 17, 2004

Old Friends

I don't think I've ever managed to go searching for any old friends and ever found them on the internet. However, having this blog has led one or two people to find me. My junior high and high school friend Ellen stumbled in here a few months ago. My brother's former girlfriend and a friend to me Blair dropped by once a long while ago and then started coming back more often after she got put on bedrest. Other friends drop in now and then too -- one who found her way here back in the very beginning when we actually had an Instalaunch and another who got here after a link to photos my kids reading NR was posted on The Corner. We got a letter from a college pal and his wife this weekend, who happened to stop by and see the birth announcement for our daughter -- congratulating us and letting us know they are expecting their second child.

These are reasons I'm rather glad not to be anonymous. Sometimes I wonder if that would be wiser. There are weirdos out there and I've had one or two run-ins with nasty commenters. Mostly though, I really like having a my name on things, so that when someone from my past stumbles in here, I can catch up with them again. It is wonderful to make all the new friends I've made through blogging, but it sure is nice to catch up with old friends too.


I'm awfully glad you were Instalanched!

Posted by: Sarah at November 17, 2004 04:14 PM

Hey, I'm glad I found you too! I love seeing your kids and reading about their adventures!

I've gotten a few "residual Instalanches" - as I call them - as some right-wing dude links me every once in a while I get about a dozen hits from his blog in a day, rather than one every week or two. At first I didn't understand what was happening as he hadn't linked me or a post or anything, but then I realized that he had gotten a link from Instapundit and I was getting residual after-affects. The ripples in the Instapundit pond, so to speak...

Posted by: Ellen at November 17, 2004 09:43 PM