December 11, 2004

Update Your Blogrolls

I'm slow to mention this, but Frank Myers has moved his blog to spiffy new digs at If you haven't visited his site before, go now. He blogs about his time in Iraq and is an excellent writer worth reading whenever he gets a chance to post. He's not the only good writer in the family though, and I recommend reading his wife's guest post, if you missed it. Actually, I recommend going back and reading everything you've missed.


Well, my new digs still aren't as nice as yours! Seriously you have the best looking blog on the net.

Thanks for the writing compliment. I bringing the heat this week. Around Tuesday I am posting the first of two really strange coincidences...thekind that make you go hummmmmmm.....

Posted by: Frank Myers at December 11, 2004 10:39 PM