January 12, 2005

Being Mom and Teaching Your Kids to Fend For Themselves

Mercy Over Mayhem is back and as she'll soon be sending her oldest off to college she's pondering her job as mom and thinking about how her daughter will fend for herself.

My kids are little enough that their main chores consist of clearing their spots at the table, helping me put stuff in the dryer and picking up toys. It is always easier to do things myself and I'd lose fewer dishes if I did. I try to let go though and take the time to teach them things. I've already been showing the five year old how the washing machine works and getting him to help me cook on occassion.

Although I'm sure when my children are getting ready to leave home for college, I'll be like Mercy and wondering what's left and what have I forgotten? I'm not quite ready to think that far ahead though. I still need to get the oldest one to stop wetting the bed at night, the middle on potty-trained and the baby to sleep an hour or two in her own bed before spending the rest of the night in mine. It will be a while before I need to think about shoving them out of the nest, but it is all a process. We start teaching them little things here and there and pray that the sum will be enough to prepare them for the world.


I was thinking about just this when I was folding up Josef's little undershirt this evening. They grow up so fast and mine is only three weeks old!
Any news on your middle sweetheart?

Posted by: Blair at January 12, 2005 11:47 PM