March 10, 2005

It Never Fails

I volunteered last night to make the invitations for our church's teacher appreciation dinner. Since I don't ever teach anything, I won't be attending, but my friend who often hanles this kind of thing is swamped and I am perfectly capable of doing basic typing, layout, cutting and envelope stuffing. I came home and in a fit of efficiency did it all last night.

As I was doing all the work, it occured to me that at some point before these inivitations were due on Sunday, I was bound to get a call making some change that would require me to do it all over again. Sure enough, this morning I got the call. The invitations are all printed, cut out, stuffed in envelopes and now I need to empty the envelopes and do it all over again. I think I may wait another day just in case there are any more changes.