March 11, 2005

Knights and Damsels

The kids are playing knights. The title of this post is slightly misleading, because often times The Girl claims to be King Arfur, not that weenie Guinevere. First, The Boy was running around with his sword, shield and helmet fighting all the attackers -- of course to fight them at point blank range he needs to get out of the castle the two have built with the kitchen chairs. Therefore Sir Lancelot (aka The Boy) is yelling to King Arfur (aka The Girl) to raise the Fortcullis (portcullis, fortcullis, hey it is close). I guess the servents took the day off. They rush out of the castle, where surprisingly the enemies are few and far between after the evil dog has been slain. Therefore, Sir Lancelot turns on King Arfur. King Arfur starts running and yelling, "Be gone!" I love hearing my two year old say "Be gone!"