April 05, 2005


The whole family, with the exception perhaps of the baby, is diseased. I have pink eye and a head cold with a really painful sore throat. The Boy threw up all over my bed this morning. The Girl still has pink eye and my husband just got over four days of fever and chills and pink eye, but still has pain in his ears and a general feeling of nastiness. I feel like posting a quarantine sign on the door.

If you don't hear from me for a while, I'm probably lying down somewhere whining.


This, of course, reminds me of a Monty Python line:

"Alms for an old ex-leper?"

Feel better, everybody. Maybe the small one can take care of all the sickies?

Posted by: skinnydan at April 5, 2005 11:30 AM

Oh, I do hope you all feel better!

Posted by: blair at April 5, 2005 01:05 PM

So sorry to hear it! You and Angie just can't catch a break. At least I'm the only unwell one in my house, and it ain't catching.

Posted by: Lenise at April 5, 2005 10:05 PM

Hey, I'm with you on the whole barfing thing. YUCK! Lydia's favorite "pink blankie" has had to be washed about 4 times in the last 3 days.

Do you think it's The Third Child? I remember after the second one came along that our immune systems seemed to take a little vacation. I don't know why it would matter, but it's just a guess. I'm a person who always wants to know the answer to the question "Why?". I guess sometimes I just don't need to know. :)

Hope you guys feel better soon!

Posted by: angie at April 6, 2005 12:46 AM

I’ve been whining to Terry using email for a couple of days. It makes me feel better and probably bothers him.
That’s what I call win-win.

Posted by: jim at April 6, 2005 10:58 AM

Dear Lord,

I lift up the Adams to You,
And ask that You send a special healing touch their way.
Take away their infirmities and bless them with good health.
All praise to You, our Healer and Redeemer.

Posted by: MarcV at April 6, 2005 12:32 PM

So sorry you're still sick at your house. It's so wretched...just wanted you to know I'm feeling your pain.

Take care.

Posted by: Melissa at April 7, 2005 10:14 AM