April 19, 2005

Miss Me?

Between my birthday, a visit from my mother, super-sizing a flower bed and planting the 18 million plants that I got for birthday presents, I have been very, very busy. Especially, because it isn't like my children stopped being themselves.

The older two fight and The Girl keeps wetting her pants when I don't take her to the bathroom fast enough. The Baby has been getting more grass than any other form of solids and despite sunscreen we're all getting awesome farmer's tans.

My garden is looking pretty super at the moment, although I still have a lot to plant. We put in tomatoes, okra and zucchini today and I planted pots of basil and oregano to go along with the pots of blueberries and strawberries that I planted last week.

Now that the expanded flower bed is finished, amended and tilled, I have some hydrangeas, a couple astilbe and a bleeding heart (the only one you'll find around this house) to plant. I also plan to put some of the bajillion hostas that I took out of the bed back in, but I need to divide and pot most of them, until we do the planned path down the side of our house.

Photos will probably be coming soon.