April 26, 2005

Touring and Peeking

This weekend was devoted almost entirely to preparing for, helping with and recovering from our neighborhood tour -- which you can read a bit about here and here.

The Girl stopped throwing up Friday afternoon and started being all perky and hungry, so we decided she was well enough for us to go to the next block for a pre-tour party while she and her siblings stayed with a neighbor who had agreed to watch the kids. After a short party and some thank you gifts for the site owners, Justin went home to put the kids to bed and I went on with the rest of the neighbors to see all the houses on the tour. We did this so that all the homeowners would get a tour, but not have to worry about running out on the day of the tour.

The day of the tour dawned grey and cold and proceeded to get colder and rainy. We still had a great turn out for the tour -- a few more people than last year on a really beautiful day.

The girls and I worked as greeters at a house down the street from ours, while The Boy played at another neighbor's house. I got lots of compliments on my house and hated having to deny ownership, but then again a house with only two bedrooms wouldn't work very well for a family of five, even if the bedrooms are large. One couple came to the house that had lived there in the 1940s when it had been converted into a duplex. They were amazed at how nice the house looked converted back into a single family home and remembered the original fireplace tile they'd thought was ugly back in the old days.

Saturday night there was a party for everyone involved in the tour and Sunday was just a regular day of churching and regular Adams' family lateness for church. We try, but obviously not hard enough, to get places on time.

Yesterday I was still recovering from the busy weekend. I had to wash seven or eight loads of laundry, water all the plants, start trying to get the house cleanish again, and those sorts of things. Today I must go grocerying and get to the library to get some new books. I've finished reading all the bedtime stories to the kids that I checked out two weeks ago.


My, my you were busy! :) I wish I could take a tour, sounds awesome.

Posted by: Kristin at April 27, 2005 10:42 AM