June 10, 2005

And Then There Are the Real Creepy Crawlies

We seem to have a brown recluse problem. I reported some time ago finding a dead one in the baby's room. That was before she started sleeping in there. Now she is though. We've found five or so spiders (not in her room) in the last two weeks.

I grew up reading Charlotte's Web and Be Nice To Spiders, but I don't really believe in it. At least not when they are in my house. Especially since I've become convinced that the very nasty, painful, scarring bite I got on the back of my neck last year was caused by a brown recluse.

Has anyone else dealt with a spider infestation?


The Hesses had a brown recluse infestation at their first house in Jeff City, but it probably won't hearten you to hear that they actually broke their lease and moved because of the critters.

Posted by: Frazier at June 10, 2005 05:08 PM

I remember that, now that you mention it, Frazier. And no, it isn't exactly helpful since we can't move out so easily.

Posted by: Jordana at June 10, 2005 05:30 PM

I know about spiders. I was bitten by (probably) a yellow sac spider in NJ, and it left a scar on my eyelid and two (tiny ones) on my nose. The doctor said if I hadn't gotten to the emergency room when I did, the inflammation from the bite might have gone to my brain. !!! Scary.

The good news is, there's probably someone who can help. When I was trying to figure out what bit me, I tracked down a guy in NJ who was in charge of vector control for the state. He knew an amazing amount about spiders. "Vector control" basically means controlling anything that can spread disease or harm through biting, stinging, etc., so spiders qualify. I would say TN has a similar person, and that would be the very one to ask about handling a brown recluse infestation. If people go blank at the term "vector control", ask them who handles the state's mosquito control policy. Mosquitoes are a vector source of disease. That person should at least be able to get you on the right track.

Alternatively, call some Nashville university's entomology department and ask for the spider specialist.

Posted by: susanna at June 14, 2005 07:17 PM