August 08, 2005

Do You Think It Will Be The New McDonald's?

Last week, we were away visiting in my hometown in the middle of Amish country. When we first moved to the area many years ago, the hitching areas at the grocery stores and public library seemed quaint and a bit amusing to one unused to such things. Later, I didn't even blink an eye.

Last week though the sight of this --

Amish fast food.jpg

-- an "Amish" fast food restaurant, made me giggle. We especially laughed at the other side of the sign, which mentions their mocha latte special.


I recognized the locale by the sign. I am from the area and have made many trips to Amish country. Small world. Baptized at 22? Baptized at 14. 44 years ago. Good day.

Posted by: Ted at August 9, 2005 09:38 AM

I had just come home from overseas when that place began last fall - I had a good laugh at it at the time - it really seemed to highlight to me the craziness of American life as compared to what I had been used to in Bosnia: that there were even Amish fast food places.

if you look at the sign carefully, you see the buggy zooming away! Ha! Crazy.

Posted by: Ellen at August 10, 2005 01:06 PM