August 26, 2005

Post-Grocery Shopping Thoughts

To the girl parked next to me when I pulled in: You are young. You are pregnant. Maybe you don't realize that when that baby emerges, you will be largely in charge of shaping its future. The music you started blasting as I was getting my children out of the car, with three F-words, the N-word, and the female dog word within the space of 30 seconds is not perhaps the best music to expose small innocents to. You have many choices in music, I would like to submit you could find something better.

To Kroger: You are remodelling and I understand that. I can understand why you might need to block off an enterance and re-route customers. When you tell them to enter through check-out lane 3 and have a big sign at the end of check-out lane 3 directing people to enter that way, it might be a good idea not to open check-out lane 3 for people to check out. Especially when almost no one is in the store and almost every other lane is closed and those lanes are blocked so that no one can enter the store through them. And when I have to shove my way through the self-check lanes to get into the store, I would appreciate not getting funny looks from your clerks.

That is all.


Arrgggghhhh. I'm sorry.

Posted by: Patricia at August 27, 2005 11:04 AM

So much for happy dance Friday! I hope today is a happpy dance day despite its Monday-osity.

Posted by: Lenise at August 29, 2005 10:33 AM