October 17, 2005

Free Tickets! Parties! I'm Exhausted!

We had a really fun, full weekend. I'm pretty exhausted, especially with an extra child on the loose, and I think I need a cup of hot tea on top of my cup of coffee or maybe I just need some caffeine on an IV drip. I've had a sinus infection for about two weeks and while I'm finally past the nightly fevers, I'm still sniffling a lot and tired.

Friday night we had a class picnic with The Boy's Kindergarten class which was a nice way to chat with the parents and teachers socially. The most amazing part was when one of my mom friends from the class said she liked Justice Roberts a lot and thought Ted Kennedy was a mean, old windbag. I've had those thoughts lots of times, but I never expect to hear similar sentiments at a gathering of Hippie German School people.

Saturday morning, we went out for breakfast at this restaurant near our house. Afterwards, Justin and my dad worked on cleaning up and fixing our lawnmower which was running funny. I planted a few bulbs and watered stuff. As much as I want to instill a love of gardening in the kids, I'm about fed up with gardening when they are around. When I only had The Boy helping, it was fun. Now it is just a lot of extra work.

While Justin and my dad did yard work, I took the kidlets to a birthday party for a boy from church. I don't think we did anything in the afternoon, but that night I went to the opera with a friend of mine to see Faust. She had an extra ticket and had offered to take me earlier last week and so I jumped at the chance. I don't get to do stuff like that very often. Faust was really good, although when Valentin, the brother of Marguerite gets killed, he spends about 10 minutes up and down singing about how he's dying any second, which struck me as funny. I don't think they meant that to be the funny part though.

Sunday we had church in the morning. In the afternoon we just played outside with the kids throwing balls and whacking balls with croquet mallets and baseball bat and other stuff. Sunday evening we had a Bible study and then ran home, got the kids ready for bed, put the babysitter in charge of The Baby and ran off to a Nickel Creek concert. One of our neighbors and friends "in the music business" offered us tickets. It certainly wasn't a free night, since we had to pay a sitter, but we never would have gone to something like that otherwise and it was really fun. I'd heard good things about the band before, but never listened to their music. And the main guy, who plays mostly mandolin was just awesome. But standing up listening to a concert from 7-10 was tiring.

I'm still not recovered from all the excitement and now with a fourth child in tow, life feels a bit crazy.


I'm usually ready for a slow Monday after a weekend like that! Did you know Nickel Creek has a kid's cd?

Posted by: Meredith at October 17, 2005 02:59 PM

Paul's bought me a couple of the Nickel Creek cds. They're pretty good. I didn't know they had a kid's one, though!

Anyway, sounds like you got your culture =] I bet the extra Boy is kind of excitable, having a new sib and all that on top of staying in somebody else's house! Good luck!

Posted by: Lenise at October 17, 2005 03:52 PM