October 23, 2005

Those Internets Sure Are Useful

Saturday was one of those long, long, busy days when had I planned ahead better, I would have had leftovers or something cooking in the crockpot. Instead, when dinner time rolled around there weren't a lot of options except going out, which we were too tired to do or bringing something in.

We don't order pizza very often and usually when we do we get it from the pizza place near our house, but they don't deliver and every once in a while, getting a pizza delivered to your house is totally worth it. But nobody around here ever wants to call. We must not be the only ones, and that's why being able to order a pizza online is brilliant.

While I complain about not getting to talk to a human when I'm actually on the phone, being able to do something on the computer and never deal with anyone is rather refreshing. When the next long, busy day comes to a close with no dinner plans in sight, I'll be running to the computer and clicking through another pizza order -- and I can put a tip on right at the start. Wonderful.


I've never tried that option but it is neat.

There is a grocery store here that lets you order a cake online and have it ready for pick up the next day.

Posted by: mary at October 23, 2005 07:49 PM

It seems odd to order a pizza on the computer and use your credit card to pay for it. Maybe it's just the 20th century luddite in me.

What would really be impressive is if they gave a graphic (on a webpage) that showed where your pizza was at every minute (assembly, oven, boxed up, on delivery), or followed it with a little pizza-cam.

If you do happen to pick it up rather than delivered, is it OK to pick it up wearing yogurt pants?

Posted by: MarcV at October 24, 2005 11:04 AM

I absolutely HATE calling for pizza. I always try to trick my husband into doing it. And he just shakes his head at me.

We order Little Caesar's sometimes, and I'll gladly pick it up, but don't make me call!!

Posted by: melissa at October 25, 2005 03:25 PM