November 08, 2005

Where Was I?

Ever since we met an old college friend of mine at the grocery store, The Middle Girl has been really curious as to why she doesn't remember him from my college days. In fact, she doesn't quite understand why she doesn't remember anything from the time that I spent in college at all. The concept of a time before she existed is more than she, at three years old, can fathom. She keeps coming back and asking questions like, "Who took care of me while you were in college?" "When you were in college, did I play with my toys?" I haven't been able to convince her yet that she wasn't there. She also looks at my wedding pictures and wonders why she isn't in them.

Sometimes I look at pictures before the kidlets came along and wonder where they are. They seem to have always been with me and they take up such a large part of my life now that even though I do remember a time before they were around (and none of them were present at my wedding certainly) I periodically have to think twice to recall why they don't appear in a photo.