December 15, 2005

Ready For Summer?

My son longs for snow and wishes we could travel to my parents' home in Ohio to share in some of their cold, white bounty. On the other hand, I think he really wants it to be warm and sunny.

Why? For the last two days he's been singing the Fine Young Cannibals lyrics "Never had a holiday in the tropical sun..." and today he asked if he could go shoot a water pistol in the backyard. The Viking Ice Girl (also known as The Middle Girl) promptly asked if we could get out the wading pool.

It may not be snowing and the sun has come out, but it is only in the forties and it is December. Reason, it seems, does not prevail around here at all times.

And no, we didn't get out either the water guns or the wading pool.


If it is sunny out Miss Rebecca asks for me to set up the wading pool. So what if it is 30 outside and a nice crust of ice/snow on the ground.

Posted by: Sarah G. at December 15, 2005 04:36 PM

I can relate to the Boy. I love the snow, in theory, but I really love the warm sunny weather.

Posted by: chris at December 15, 2005 08:46 PM

Seems like cabin-fever season is starting early this year, but it's probably like that every year when you have youngsters bouncing off the walls.

Don't know if you would have this available or get enough use out of it, but a membership at the YMCA (with a pool) can help with the wantin'-to-get-wet kidlets.

Posted by: MarcV at December 16, 2005 11:52 AM