December 21, 2005


Marc has questions in the comments below.

1. Does your husband share in your sentiments, or do you need to "gently correct" him while he is driving and commits a non-signal offense?

My husband was probably the person most responsible for teaching me to drive (before he was my husband though) and taught me to always use my turn signals even when no one is around. He always uses his signals.

2. Do you (and he?) find yourselves extra careful in referring to other drivers and the particular names you use, with little ears in your vehicle?

I don't talk outloud to myself while driving or at any other time. The voices in my head stay in my head. However, the little people in the backseat have learned to talk to other drivers and call them nitwits and say things like, "Hurry uo, buddy!" from somewhere. I'm not saying where, but it wasn't from me.

3. Have you been involved in an accident as a result of a non-signal offense?

I don't think Justin has been in any accidents. I haven't been in any real ones, but the one time I got bumped, lack of turn signals was, in fact, involved. Though so was being an idiot. I was driving on a one way road in the left lane, going straight. The fellow in the right lane decided to turn left in front of my car without signalling or anything intelligent like waiting until he was in the proper lane to turn. I stopped and all he did was bump a bit of trim off.

And there you have it.


1. My wife tries to correct me, not gently(!), but this old dog is set in his driving ways.

2. I have to admit guilt in using certain names for "poor" drivers, but I'm trying to do better by blessing them instead. Occasionally I will gently encourage an older driver by referring to them as "gramma" or "grampa". At first my son would ask "Is that really gramma?" but now he knows better.

3. My three accidents were my fault for not observing brake lights (one was on a rain-slick road in Knoxville), although no tickets just repair/insurance $$. I have been blessed that only one driver has caused a minor fender bender on my vehicle (don't think it involved a turn signal).

Posted by: MarcV at December 22, 2005 07:42 AM