February 02, 2006

Ladies' Man

My son is going to kill me some day for the things that follow, but so be it.

The Boy has always had an eye for a pretty lass. When he was two and three he would find the prettiest woman at a party and attach himself to her. His four year old infatuation for one of the doctors at our pediatrician's office is still spoken of by the office staff. Last year in preschool he fell in love with a Kindergartener and told me once that she "made his heart sing."

It came as no real surprise that this year he would again find a cute girl in his class to be his girlfriend. "She's the prettiest girl in Kindergarten, Mom." He adores her and sleeps with the toy stuffed snake she gave him every night.

Another thing one should know about The Boy is that he is a bit of a klutz. He will be sitting on a chair at dinner time and suddenly have fallen, for no obvious reason, on the floor. Yesterday, I was talking to one of his teachers who said he managed to fall off his bench during snack time in a similar fashion. While lying prone on the floor, he gazed up at his love and told her, "You get prettier and prettier every day. You're the only girl who has ever made me fall off my bench because I love you."

And he wonders why he always gets time outs for flirting.


LOL!! I'm afraid it'll be our turn to experience such things really soon, though ;)

Posted by: Lenise at February 2, 2006 09:07 PM

That last remark sounds like something Alfalfa(Our Gang/Little Rascals) would have said. If I ever fall out of a chair or bench and Lady Spud is nearby, I'll try to remember to use that line.

Posted by: MarcV at February 3, 2006 11:02 AM

I have coordination-challenged son, too. He's now 19 and seems to have become modestly more graceful since he's grown into his size 15 shoes. But a few years back (as he was walking past the counter between the kitchen and living room) he somehow hooked the heal of his shoe under a barstool and caused it to topple. To all appearances (since he hadn't actually banged into anything) the stool had seemingly just rolled over as he strode past it.

My oldest son (from his vantage in the living room) looked over and declared in his best Darth Vader voice: "The Force is strong with this one."

Posted by: Bob at February 3, 2006 11:48 AM

Jordana, I am chuckling right now and so in awe of your little 'Ladies Man'. Obviously you must be a great Mom. He has learned so well the lessons of love and affection and demonstration of that love as well. I fear somewhat for an unexpected heartbreak in the future but I have to say, between the lines of your post, I get the feeling he has all the confidence he will ever need to just move on.

Posted by: Roberta S at February 4, 2006 04:29 PM

Hilarious. What a cutie.

Posted by: Another Jordana at February 6, 2006 12:57 PM