February 21, 2006

Vomit and Home Improvements

I'd love to say my absence for the last few days was due entirely to being consumed with home improvements and the like. We have been plugging away at restoring order to the morning room and would be done if we hadn't decided we wanted to put better casing around the doors in the room than the 1x6 pine boards that had been used in the past. But we did decide to change the casing, which meant buying new stuff and painting it. Even so we'd probably still be finished, but for two things.

First, I didn't like the plinth blocks available from the millworks company where I bought the casing and rosettes. So I ordered some online, but they won't be arriving until tomorrow.

Second, on Sunday morning I woke up feeling slightly dizzy and just not right. About halfway through breakfast, I decided to return to bed where I dozed while my husband got the kids ready for church. Immediately after they left, I had to rush to the bathroom. That and sleeping were the highlights of the rest of the day.

Yesterday, I was no longer sick, but felt extremely weak for most of the day. Justin worked from home, so that he could help out as needed with the rugrats. By evening I had perked up enough to be annoyed by all the crumbs on the floor in the kitchen, but sweeping them up wore me out. After dinner and putting the kidlets to bed, I felt well enough to finish priming the casing while Justin touched up some more spots on the walls.

That done, we went to bed and slept well until around 3 a.m. when my husband began praying to the porcelain goddess. He's sicker than I was and naturally The Middle Girl threw up in her bed last night too.

I'll be back when stomachs stop heaving or we finish the morning room.


Yick. Sorry to hear it! I hope everyone is well in short order. I have to say, though, it is a cool thing to have a "morning room".

Posted by: Lenise at February 21, 2006 09:09 AM

Odear. So sorry to hear it. I can't say I'm looking forward to the years when Ngaire will be bringing home every tummy bug . . . though the Husbandlet and I have been fairly lucky at avoiding the flus that go around my high school . . .

Posted by: Another Jordana at February 21, 2006 09:20 AM

Lenise, morning room is just a fancy name for a sitting room off the kitchen. Ours was probably intended to be the breakfast nook or dining room, but we use it as a sitting room/family room.

Posted by: Jordana at February 21, 2006 09:29 AM

Best wishes for all of you to get well quickly, Jordana. It seems you've all had a terrible winter, so maybe spring will be better.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at February 21, 2006 10:36 AM

Oh, no. Let me know if you need an emergency popsicle delivery!

Posted by: Meredith at February 21, 2006 07:11 PM

Oh goodness! I hope you guys are feeling a little ( a lot!) better by now:( I'd rather be just about any other kind of sick...ugh.

Posted by: Twilightmama at February 21, 2006 10:18 PM