March 14, 2006

Health Update

When we woke up this morning, The Toddler Girl was drenched. Her body had processed the almost two bags of fluid and one diaper couldn't hold it all. We got her cleaned up, but she still seemed tired, which had me worried. While she wanted to nurse, almost non-stop, she had no interest in drinking anything else. When offered a drink of anything, in any form, she would express her disinterest by grabbing it out of my hands and flinging as far as it would go across the room. She also didn't want to eat anything -- until I offered her some pieces of the waffles we were eating for breakfast. Those hit the spot and though she still didn't want to drink anything other than nur-nur. I talked to the doctor, and she wanted us to keep her eye on how things went.

Fortunately, The Toddler Girl just kept getting better. Although, even at bedtime she still wasn't wanting to drink much water/Gatorade/juice/etc. she'd been eating plenty and I'd been giving her lots of wet foods, so with nursing, I think she's fine.

Dehydration certianly isn't something to be messed around with, nor is it always obvious. The Toddler Girl had a wet mouth and was able to still cry tears, yet she only had about half the fluid a normal person should have in their blood stream. I'm glad we're past the worst of it and glad that we chose to do the IV and blood test even when we thought she was only slightly dehydrated.


My goodness, what an experience. That dehydration can be so scary. Glad the nursing's helped. That cozy comfort always seems to do the trick.

Take care.

Posted by: melissa at March 15, 2006 11:11 AM