April 03, 2006

Love/Hate Relationship With the Weather Radio

We got a great weather radio for Justin's last birthday. It's programmable, so we only have to hear the weather alerts we want to know about and not the flooding two counties away where we aren't going to be. When the weather radio goes off and lets us know about weather systems coming in that we haven't yet noticed, it is very helpful.

It was comforting last night to have the weather radio on the job when the major storms raged around our area. Which still didn't exactly make me love it when it shrieked loudly at midnight or so and woke me from a dead sleep to let us know the tornado watches were extended for a few more hours.

I am grateful though that the storms that did so much damage elsewhere, passed by our part of Nashville and see to have done little here. I know others were not so lucky.


What I've heard about was truly awful. It's the kind of thing one wishes would happen to NOBODY (well, maybe spammers...), and I am glad it gave you a miss.

Posted by: Patricia at April 4, 2006 08:39 AM