April 17, 2006

The Long and Exhausting Weekend

So...the weekend. It was very productive and tiring enough to be Possum-worthy, although there were no trips to Wal-Mart involved.

I think our weekend really started Thursday night. Justin primed the upper portion of the beadboard in our kitchen (we have beadboard above and below the upper cabinets). Friday morning, Justin got up at 6 so that he and a friend could go get cheap mulch from the city. For $8 they'll sell you a truckload of aged, shredded wood mulch from the brush pick-ups they do around the city, it's not the best mulch -- with a few more sticks than I'd like and some trash that needs to be picked out, but for $8, I'll take it. So the guys each got a load and shovelled it into the back yards. Later that day, I painted the upper beadboard with a first coat of paint and started priming the lower section.

Saturday, I painted and primed more of the lower beadboard. I also mulched the flower beds. Justin restained our front porch steps and then cut the grass and all that necessary yard stuff, plus worked on the brick he's putting under our new arbor. That night we went to an Easter egg hunt at the house of the assistant teacher in The Boy's class. When we came home and put the kids to bed, we put a second coat of paint on the upper beadboard and Justin painted the crown moulding. I also did some more priming on the bottom beadboard.

Sunday morning, Justin put a first coat of paint on another section of the bottom beadboard before church. When we came home from church we had lunch and a birthday strawberry tart. Then Justin went back to work on the arbor project and I finished mulching the back flower beds. After that I trimmed some bushes in the front yard and then went back to painting beadboard. I put a second coat on the stuff Justin had painted that morning and started priming the last section of beadboard. Then it was time for church again. We went to Sonic for dinner. After the kids were in bed, Justin put another coat on the crown moulding in the kitchen and I finished priming and cleaned up a little bit, though it was still a mess when we went to bed. By the time we went to bed, we'd gotten at least one coat of paint on everything we're painting (except behind the stove, where I keep forgetting we plan to paint) and we got the decorations put back up
above the cabinets.

This morning I put on the final coat of paint on the last section of beadboard. Justin has one more section of oil painting to do tonight and then tomorrow we'll have to scrape some paint of the mirror (fake window, it's hard to explain) that hangs above our sink. I think that will finish the kitchen more or less.

Then we just have to clean house. Blech.