April 27, 2006

This Is A Test

It's the Thursday Three Final Exam edition:

1. What was your luckiest experience with finals?

Looking back, I consider the fact that I passed almost every test I ever took with good scores a lucky experience. Some of the highlights of this luck would be when I decided to take the Physics SAT Achievement test, when I passed comps both as an undergrad and grad student, and when I didn't flunk Humanities after having not read more than a few pages of Plato's Republic. I didn't have the gaul of one student who reportedly wrote that the myth at the end of The Republic was that "anyone got to the end of The Republic."

2. What was your worst experience?

The aforementioned Humanities final ranks right up there as one of the worst experiences. My boyfriend of the time broke up with me the night before and I spent a large part of the night crying although he was totally not worth it.

Another bad time was, when during my oral comps for German grad school, one of my professors asked me about a poem that I couldn't remember reading. Sure it was on my reading list as both an individual poem and as part of another book I had put on the list, but I couldn't even remember who wrote it. I still can tell you the name of the poem and what story it appears in and I still can't tell you who wrote it.

3. Finally, do you have any recurring finals nightmares?

No finals nightmares here, thank goodness.


All you brainy people and your oral exams! I never had to do one of those, thank goodness. I can't stand stuff like that.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at April 27, 2006 11:30 AM