May 01, 2006

Always Watching

I am far too well aware already that my children are always watching me. When I'm nice, so are they (some of the time). When I pick my nose, so do they (actually, they do that pretty independently of whatever I may do or say). Sometimes when I see them copying my actions though, I am surprised. Today I dropped the pumice stone while in the shower -- barefoot, gloveless gardening means I need something rough to take the mud off. The Toddler Girl picked it up and stood there trying to balance on one leg and scrub her feet.


Jay stole the towels from me when I was trying to get over the baby gate and started swiping at the hairball on the floor before I could get there. Kinda sweet, but not very effective. He also tries to use the keys on the inside of the front door. Also not effective. Someday he'll refine his imitations, but they are awfully cute as is =]

Posted by: Lenise at May 1, 2006 09:58 AM