May 02, 2006

Election Day in Nashville

For the last two months, we've seen Nashville covered in campaign signs -- most of them for judges. Either the section of town, I live in is mostly populated with lawyers (it might be), these candidates have a lot of friends, or people actually pay that much attention to the judges they elect around here. I'd like to think it was choice C, but I tend to be suspicious that it might be a combination of A and B.

As far as Nashville is concerned today is not the primary for these candidates. It's the election. As far as I know, nobody at all is running for these offices on the Republican primary ballot. There may well be no Republican primary ballot for these elections. Normally, I go vote for just about everything and I actually do care about the judges that get elected in town. However, I'm not going to the polls today.

I could go vote in the Democratic primary. All I would have to do is stop in, flash my voter registration and ask for the Democratic ballot. We don't register by party here and I could do that, but I'd feel so dirty. Today is my only chance to vote for the judges -- when the general election arrives, they'll be running unopposed.

It stinks to be in a one party town where elections are decided in the primaries and if one ever wishes for a job as a judge or any other political job one has to belong to that party.