May 08, 2006

Weekend Fun

Last week was some what stressful -- filled with dentists, doctors, cranky children and lots of rain. I was glad for it to be over.

The weekend was much better. Saturday morning we added a couple of extra children to the house for a few hours while their parents went on a breakfast date. It was a lovely day -- sunny and not too hot, so the kids all played outside while Justin and I worked in the yard. I divided up some day lilies and coneflowers and moved them to my behind the fence no care alley flower bed. I can't remember what all we did and although I know I spent some portion of the morning being lazy and watching Justin work, which was nice.

The main garden activity and event included lots of digging in the dirt (for that portion of people who were not sitting around being lazy) but no actual plants. We (and by saying we, I don't actually mean I did more than move a few bricks and scrape off some dirt) finally put the brick threshold under Justin's gate, so it is no longer a big mud pit that the dog threatens daily to dig out and crawl under. We have a lot of salvaged bricks, some from an old path that was buried in parts of our yard and many from a shed our neighbor tore down and let us salvage. And as a nice extra touch, we took a old paving brick from my hometown in Ohio and centered it in the design. Perhaps, someone will one day wonder how an old Wooster Paver wound up in Nashville. But best of all -- no more mud!

Pictures to come later.


weekends like that are always fun!

Posted by: mary at May 8, 2006 09:20 AM

Those old bricks with identifying info are cool =] My parents picked up one in Chilhowie, VA, where some of my Dad's family was from. Now, they're not too far from Wooster (Massillon)!

Posted by: Lenise at May 8, 2006 09:41 AM

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Posted by: Margie at May 8, 2006 11:41 AM