June 06, 2006

Punishments That Don't Seem to Work

I have three children. I have two potty trained children. I have two potty trained children who have both pee'd on the floor in the powder room in the past week. One did this for unknown reasons and also quietly left the mess behind for me to find with my feet. The other 'fessed up that he forgot to aim.

I thought an appropriate punishment for both of them would be to make them clean up the mess. I have been surprised both times at how readily they actually agreed to do it. Even more surprised when both commented at the end of the process that it was "fun."

Both children have been informed that, while they may clean the bathroom any time they wish to, wetting the floor is not the best way to go about earning that honor.


Hey, it was worth a try, and now next time they tell you they're bored you can suggest they scrub the bathroom floors!

Posted by: Lenise at June 7, 2006 07:14 AM