June 27, 2006

Potty Break

We went to Chattanooga this past weekend for a little mini-vacation. We took the kids the aquarium and Rock City, plus we ate ice cream and took in the movie Cars (excellent, by the way). One night away from home was plenty really and the kids had so much fun that the six year old has already decided that when he grows up, he's moving to Chattanooga.

While out of town, I think the three year old was bound and determined to sample the delights of every single bathroom in Chattanooga. We went in clean bathrooms and stinky ones; big ones and small ones. One place that had two one hole bathrooms had them simply labelled restroom and although it makes perfect sense in that situation not to make one women's and one men's, I found it hard to figure out for a minute. I got over that challenge quickly enough and realized that I could use either bathroom.

Figuring out which bathroom to go to wasn't really that hard though. The most difficult task with taking my daughter to the bathroom also is not keeping her from touching gross stuff or getting her undressed in tight spaces. The most difficult thing is keeping her mouth shut. In one crowded restroom, we entered a stall as soon as it was vacated. My daughter proclaimed loudly, "Mommy, she didn't flush!" The poor woman had, but the water was still rippling from having been flushed and my three year old didn't approve.

Later at another bathroom, we entered as a young teenage girl was washing her hands at the sink. My daughter said, "Where's her mom?" When informed that I had no idea, she suggested, again quite loudly since she only has one volume, "Maybe her mom is dead!"

I've decided before we go into another public restroom, I need to stock up on duct tape for a certain little mouth.


And someday she'll go to the bathroom all by herself! By then she probably won't share the "clever quips" and observations. My 8 year old still likes to go to any public bathroom - guess it's one of those adventure things.

We typically let him go by himself, though it still makes me nervous if he's not back in a minute or two. Tough to break those bathroom strings, but you have to do it sometime.

Posted by: MarcV at June 27, 2006 10:28 AM

Isn't that one volume voice funny?

My 5 year old still has it!

Posted by: mary at June 28, 2006 06:35 AM

You mean it doesn't get better? Rats! My jabberbox is only two. Sigh. So much to look forward to.

Posted by: mary at June 29, 2006 06:19 AM

How did you like the aquarium? We went to the Atlanta aquarium last week and while nice, the crowd was just out of control. We thought Chattanooga might be a little calmer. You can also get a membership at Chattanooga that pays for itself with only a couple of visits.

Posted by: Alan at June 30, 2006 08:28 PM