September 21, 2006


I decided to take a homeschooling day off. I got a fairly good night's sleep, but I woke up tired of everything. Unloading the dishwasher felt like too much work. So we took a day off from school and instead I started trying to get a few of the other things I never seem to have time to do crossed off my list.

We got the cars inspected and I went and picked up our new license plates. I guess I'm clueless, because I hadn't even noticed that Tennessee had changed its standard plate this year. I went to a grocery store I don't frequent too often so that I could buy steel cut oats in bulk. They are much cheaper that way than buying the little tins they come in at all the other stores. I have started cleaning out my closet (a mighty undertaking, to say the least) and I packed a bag to take to the hospital.

Taking a day off from my regular plans has been the best thing I could have done today. The kids are busy playing time traveler with a box that we got yesterday, and I'm feeling a whole lot less tired of everything than I was when I woke up.


Hey, when the closet's clean, you'll have a place to hide!

Posted by: Another Jordana at September 21, 2006 12:36 PM

"....busy playing time traveler in a box..."

Ah, now THAT sounds like a fun afternoon. Why do kids get to have all the fun?

And also, how exciting that you don't have much time left before little #4 is born! Yay!

Posted by: angie at September 24, 2006 06:15 PM