October 27, 2006

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

But here are some helpful suggestions. One of my favorites? "Ignore celebrities, except when they are doing what they are celebrated for doing: acting, playing football et cetera. Skill does not confer moral, political or intellectual discrimination...If a celebrity is not celebrated for doing anything but being a celebrity, smile politely but pay no notice."

Via Tightly Wound


This is my favo(u)rite line:

Watch our language. Is there really much difference between a six-year-old in a fright-wig and his father's waders shouting 'I'm the Mighty Wurgle-Burgle-Urgley-Goo' and an ostensible grown-up demanding to be called 'Tony Blair's Respect Tsar'?


Posted by: skinnydan at October 30, 2006 08:22 AM