March 21, 2007

Homeschooling As the Books, Bookcases and Papers Slowly Disappear

Although I am currently sitting in my dining room surrounded by boxes, I begin to think that our house will never actually be emptied. While I pack, and pack, and pack unendingly, things like giving the seven year old an education still have to take place.

Naturally, I have left out the books we rely on most heavily -- The Story of the World, Saxon Math, First Language Lessons, the spelling workbook, our science encyclopedias and a few other things. As more things disappear into boxes though, we're relying more heavily on library books, the internet and sadly also videos these days. Since the weather has been wonderful, the kids are also outside a lot, which is nice for all concerned.

Some of the websites we've been visiting a lot include: ScienceBob, How to Draw, Good Stories for Great Holidays, Just So Stories, and KidsHealth.

Videos we've been using include a series we've checked out from the library on various ancient civilizations and videos from Shakespeare 4 Kidz (which are good despite the stupid spelling).

And speaking of educating the children, I suppose I've put it off long enough for the morning.


I was just reading an article at, and thought of you. They used the word, "curmudgeonly", so I wanted to make sure you read it! :) ann

Posted by: Ann at March 22, 2007 08:52 PM