April 10, 2007

As For the Move In General

We got all the furniture from our old house moved to the new one and stuck in the one room that doesn't need any work right now. We're still packing up all the little stuff. We've gotten the attic and the rest upstairs cleaned out except for an air mattress and a port-a-crib.

Today I'm going to be working on ferrying things that don't pack easily over to the new house or to the house we'll be staying in until our Purple House is livable.

To add to the list of strange things that have happened to us with all the moving and renovating, I will add that when we move into the Purple House it will be into a neighborhood where the bumper stickers read things like "Over the River and through the 'Hood" or "Do you know where your lawnmower is?" But before we actually can live in our new house, we'll be staying with a friend -- almost right across the street from Lamar! How's that for a transition?


Any ideas for bumper stickers for your vehicle?
I (heart) Breeders
My son is tops in his class
Save the Whales - Use Artificial Blubber

[Glad to hear the house move is progressing. Hopefully you will be able to recover this summer. Any sightings of potential playmates for the kidlets?]

Posted by: Marc V at April 10, 2007 10:20 AM