April 25, 2007

For Rent

One slightly messy family of six. Good at encouraging homes to sell quickly. Must provide house in good condition and furniture.

Our old house sold on April 13 and we moved into the house of a friend. Not the house she's living in, but the house she's had on the market for almost a year since she got married. It's a lovely house in a great neighborhood, but it had just been sitting, so she offered it to us as a place to stay while we finished our house.

In the first week we were there, there were showings every day and then two second showings and by the end of the first week she had a contract.

Clearly we are very good luck when it comes to selling houses. The house we're staying in closes May 11. I don't think our house will be ready yet, so it will be time to house hop again. Sigh.


"Little" uncertainties are the curve balls of life. Grab your helmet because, again, apparently it's BATTER UP! You have a great average and, today being only April 26, it's early innings. I send you, as ever, my very hopeful thoughts and good wishes for this "at bat".

Posted by: Patricia at April 26, 2007 11:33 AM