May 10, 2007

What's New?

Here I am, ensconced in house number 2 of our vagabond trip around the city. For those who have forgotten the details -- when we sold our house, the Purple House was not quite ready to be lived in. So we moved into the house a friend had had on the market for almost a year. She got a contract a week after we moved in.

Last Friday the furniture got moved out and we moved into the upstairs of our friend's other house. We may happen to know the kindest, most charitable people in the world.

The children are taking the homeless life pretty well. The seven year old is resisting school work a bit more than he had been and I need to think of some way to make it more interesting. The four year old is much mouthier, but that could just be her too. Fortunately the little ones take it all in stride and just keep smiling.

As for the house we own and would like to be living in -- some major work is getting down. The master bathroom has all the woodwork completed. Now all the woodwork needs to be painted (it's primed on all sides though) and the grout needs to be sealed, but then the bathroom will be ready for the fixtures to be installed. A large amount of termite damage has been repaired, meaning that a lot of the walls are now straighter and since we had to rip of the floors in those areas, the new ones will be a lot less bouncy. We have one last piece of termite damage to get fixed. It's not very big, but unfortunately it is, of course, the most difficult. Fun times.

I keep hoping we'll turn a corner and the house will be ready to move into soon, but if we're turning corners, I think we must be rounding an octagon. Ah well. We knew we were morons. We just didn't know how large our moronitude extended until we bought the Purple House.

And that's about that.


It will all be worth it!........

Posted by: Frazier at May 10, 2007 05:59 AM

At least you're not living in a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER! My boss recently had his house burn down and he has five kids, 9 to early 20's. His family has been split between two rooms at a local motel. They do get a continental breakfast every morning, and supposedly there has not been too much bickering. Their house won't be ready until next month.

Keeping you in prayer - remember to gather a group to pray a blessing over your house before moving in.

Posted by: Marc V at May 10, 2007 10:58 AM