June 01, 2007

Train Up a Husband In the Way That He Should Go

Mrs. P delivers some of the finest writing about how a man should dress.

As an aside, I finally let Justin get rid of his bucs when we moved. I'd convinced him to keep them for years, but I'd never successfully convinced him to wear them. He's totally on board with the whole seersucker and bow tie thing though, but such was not always the case. Fortunately, he was willing to learn.


Y'all must have really well-trained husbands to be able to worry about how they're dressed! That's way down the list around here. I even let Paul wear his polo shirt with the various trout on it until he decided it was through. Not a word escaped my lips. Nor did I say anything about the purple denim shorts. I guess I'm a slacker wife. I've got enough trouble trying to keep the little boys clothed =]

Posted by: Lenise at June 2, 2007 07:38 AM

The Husbandlet is sartorially clueless. He decided in high school that if he dressed entirely in T-shirts and jeans, he could never clash, and he has a violent antipathy to ties. We had a heated and (for me) distressing discussion of the difference between suits and tuxedos right before our wedding. However, I think we reached a bit of a breakthrough recently when the whole job interview thing came up. He is now the proud possessor of a good suit, and he even voluntarily purchased a lovely shirt to go with it--by himself!--and accompanied me to mull over matching ties at length. For the most part, though, I have adapted to his fashion sense and he has resigned himself to my shoe addiction.

Posted by: Another Jordana at June 4, 2007 06:30 AM