July 16, 2007

Sneaky Education

Every one likes a little break now and then. The Boy and I are enjoying our summer vacation, although it would be wrong to say that all learning has ceased. Some is still overt. I'm making him read through his math fact cards once a week or so and work on a lesson or two every week in English For The Thoughtful Child, but it's always more fun for all of us when the summer time education is a little more hidden.

One thing my son and I are especially enjoying is Scrabble at http://scrabulous.com/. Not only are we practicing spelling and vocabulary, but also math as we add up various scores and figure out what words will score the highest.

Hooray for Scrabble!


Upwords is a fun 3-d version of scrabble. And S'math is a fun math scrabble type game.

Posted by: Beth at July 17, 2007 05:17 PM