October 03, 2007

Too Much Life

Last week my second child turned five. I'd show you pictures, except I keep forgetting to download them. Maybe later. I didn't intend for it to happen this way, but we wound up celebrating multiple times. First with some friends who were going to be out of town. Then the next evening we had a cookout with friends from our former church. The next evening we went to the park and had a celebration with kids on her actual birthday. The next evening we went to a dinner party for my husband's firm.

In that time I also had a new nephew born.

And we've had lots of purple house doings as well.

And I managed to miss the new five year old's check-up because the doctor's office will not accept my cell phone number into the system as our phone number. Yes, I had the appointment written in my calendar. No, that didn't help.

Justin and I also forgot, for the first time, the anniversary of when we started dating. We've always managed to celebrate on or near the event. Not this year.

I keep waiting for a break. I want some time off. I forget everything, get behind, spend days not getting half of my goals accomplished. This chaos is one of the unmentioned side-effects of renovating a house. Whenever we manage to get something under control, something else slides and then the part we were finally on top of, falls apart once more. Order is hard enough to come by in a family of six, but right now it seems impossible.


Add a reunion party to plan in the mix and life gets unbearable and even more behind that one could even being to imagine being possible.

Posted by: Blair at October 3, 2007 03:37 PM