January 17, 2008


The eight year old and the five year old were putting away all the books that had been scattered throughout the living room and dining room.

As they were sticking things on the bookshelves, the eight year old asked his sister, "So why don't you like chapter books?"

Said she, "They don't have enough pictures and I like a lot of pictures!"

The eight year seems almost upset, "But don't you realize what you are missing? Take this Dr. Dolittle book..."

Interrupting, "Is that the same Dr. Dolittle mom read to us about who can talk to animals?"

"Yes, but this is another book about him and you are missing out. This is probably a really good book and you won't even touch it, because [somewhat condescendingly] it doesn't have enough pictures. There are so many great books you'll never learn about if you only read books with pictures!"

And that's when chaos erupted in some other part of the house and I missed how the conversation between the scholar and his little sister ended (probably with him getting punched, but I didn't hear any screaming).