June 16, 2008

A Belated Father's Day Note

The favorite man in my life puts up with a lot, including my completely forgetting Father's Day, until after the priest mentioned it in Mass. Whispered orders to the three bigger kids produced cards for their father, but it isn't quite like planning ahead to actually prepare something to say, "We love you and appreciate all you do."

Still we do appreciate him, and although he might not have gotten any special presents on Father's Day, he does get the rock star treatment when he comes home from work, with children rushing from all parts of the house yelling his name and giving him hugs. His children love him well.

As do I. I also appreciate those times when he, as the father, lays down the law. Laws in our house are very, very similar to these -- right down to not putting your foot on the bread. The work of a dad is never over without many lamentations and adjudications.

If only the wee one would choose to cooperate, I'd be happy to make my darling husband a father for the fifth time around any time.


Unfortunately I don't get a consistent "hero's greeting" when I come home from work, but I thank God for the faces I do see when I open the door. The 4 y.o. girl is getting better at the happy-to-see-you look, so the bribes seem to be working.

Being able to bless the Father's Day breakfast and holding those little hands while praying over the children (and wife!) is more than enough gift, and I'm sure Justin felt the same way.

Posted by: Marc V at June 16, 2008 08:48 PM

Happy Fathers Day!

Posted by: Kelsey at June 16, 2008 10:06 PM

Your Father's Day tribute is beautiful. I feel the same way about my husband.
We didn't forget Father's Day, but my husband forgot to open his cards and gifts the kids made for him until tonight. They were on top of the china cabinet and when things are out of sight they are out of mind. We both knew they were up there- we just forgot. My kids didn't know any different so they were thrilled to watch him open the stuff no matter what day it was.
My hubby gets the rock star treatment when he comes home from work too.

Posted by: Melissa at June 17, 2008 12:04 AM