November 07, 2008

Forever Geeky

Usually when we're driving in the car (that is when the kids and I are in the car), we either listen to a story, the Math-U-See skip counting CD or I pretend that since nothing is coming through the speakers that the bickering in the backseat is really the "sound of silence." I thought some music might be a nice change yesterday, so I popped in a little Frank Sinatra.

Groovy. The kids were enjoying it and so was I. Then the song "Jealous Lover" came on. "Mom, what's a jealous lover?" asked the six year old. I told her the singer's girlfriend is afraid that the singer wants to find a new girlfriend. That was a good enough answer for my six year old, but then my eight year old chimed in, "Oh good. He's using jealous correctly. So many people misuse it these days."