September 01, 2004

The Convention

I actually don't care that much more about watching the RNC than I did about watching the DNC, but I can at least turn on the television and not start gagging -- well except that I turned it on the other night in the middle of McCain's speak and they happened to be showing Michael Moore, and that's enough to turn even the strongest stomach.

We watched a little bit more last night, but not too much. My fine Tennessee Senator is an absolutely horrible public speaker, and I don't care that much about health care. In fact, we didn't watch much of his speech or Rod Paige's because really they were devoted to highlighting the moderate to liberal initiatives the President has taken that increase spending and of which I cannot approve. Yes, I realize I'm not compassionate enough.

We did watch Arnold though, and what a performance! I've said many times that I wish actors would shut up and not go on and on about their political opinions, because I don't care. I make an exception to that rule though -- and despite what you may think -- I don't care any more about Republican actors blathering on that the liberal ones. My exception is that if the actor wants to use his or her fame to actually enter politics and move into that realm instead of believing we care about their opinions simply because they are famous for reading scripts and getting divorced a lot, I might consider listening to them. Then again, I don't want to listen to a lot of politicians either.

But back to Arnold. "Economic girlie-men!" I predict that will be heard around the Adams' household for years to come. His speech was excellent and I was impressed that he spoke kindly of Nixon, whom history has practically decided to lump in with the greatest evil leaders of our time. His speech should have been the last of the night.

Instead we saw the poor, pathetic performance of Barbara and Jenna. Why did we need to hear a "Sex in the City" joke with the innuendo that everyone is doing it and isn't funny that Gran'ma thinks that's only for married people? It pained me to watch the train wreck, and as my husband said, "That was the ultimate refutation of Karl Rove as evil genius."

We watched Laura for a few minutes, but didn't want to kill the Arnold high, although the twins had pretty much done their part already, so we turned off the tv and went to sleep. I'm sure she did fine, and she is a classy lady, whom I find most admirable, but that doesn't mean she gives good speeches.


Hmmm.. I'm glad I missed the twins disparaging their upbringing. Not having any TV reception has definite advantages!

I was impressed with my liberal boss today- she may be an actual liberal! She was telling my big-l liberal co-workers that Arnold gave a good speech and that Kerry should dop the whole Vietnam charade- she would like to know what he's been doing LATELY. Not that she's likely to vote for anyone else, but at least she is not one of those led-by-the-nose types.

Posted by: Lenise at September 1, 2004 06:19 PM

You're right on target with your comments here. I totally agree. The twins needed to introduce their mom and let it alone. It was embarrassing to be sitting, watching them talk with my kids in the room. I got to squirming and wished for a commercial. And about Laura...she looks good, and gets a high rating but I'd rather not hear her speak either. Arnold's my man...he might be a moderate on social issues but boy, can he give a speech. And American dream-come-true. He's something else!

Posted by: Melissa at September 2, 2004 08:27 AM